The Music Boutique

Jazz Recorder & Saxophone

This instrument is definately for the student who has a lot of extra energy !  You will need alot of lung strength and bireath control. But the sound of both of these instruments when mastered are absolutley beautiful transcedental even.

The recorder is not thought of as an instrument with much cahe unlike its  bigger more illustrious family member. the saxaphone.

Well at the Music Boutique such a frame of thought is  is not  accetepted . infact we use the easy accessinility of the recorder and its associated techniqes to prepare students for moving onto the saxophone if they so wish and havent already fallen in lobe with now being able to play Jazz recorder  Sopranino Soprano Alto Tenor Bass

There is much more that could be discussed gere about the Jazz Recorder however we firmly bleive in the old but  succinct adage "actions speak louder than words"

 Here are some amazing Jazz Recorder players.Sit back and enjoy !!!