The Music Boutique



The Understated Luxury of The Os(h)o Collection & Gallery


The Music Boutique, is a completely unique music and creative educational environment, where you and your child can learn to play a variety of musical instruments.


While being surrounded by gorgeous mid century design, Iconic classics. Art, Photograpy,Toys, Furniture, Books and other Ephimera make up what is the Os(h)o Collection.


You really will be cosseted during your time with us at the Music Boutique like no other educational musical establishment you have probably visited.


We only provide private one to one lessons. Some of the musical facilities we currently offer are listed below .



Piano, Violin, Guitar.


From complete beginners to the more experienced. We are as happy to teach for pleasure, as well as teaching students for their ABRSM exams.


The Music Boutique is open Monday to Friday 4.00pm-7.30pm. (Thursdays Closed) Saturday from 9am-6.30pm Sunday 11am -6pm and is run by dedicated and professionally qualified tutors.


Please select short videos, by clicking on some of the countries to enjoy their musical heritage and traditions.


Many of our parents, students and tutors have come from & are from different countries around the world: Ethiopia Eritrea Kurdistan Latvia Morrocco Italy India Ireland France Ukrain Romania Russia Poland Peru Portugal Ghana Nigeria Denmark Equitorial Guinea Spain Jamaica Japan Greece Colombia Turkey USA South Africa Brasil Britain Germany Korea China Ivory Coast Angola Thailand Mexico Argentina Ireland Ecuador Sweden Lithuania Kazakhstan

New Zealand Canada Vietnam.


Music Is Medicine: It Calms the Heart, Stills the Mind & Feeds the Soul


Please, take time to watch this really phenomenal video showing how powerful and

transformational music can be.











The Music Boutique @ The Os(h)o Gallery

Socially Enterprising through Music, Art, Education, Health and Wellbeing



The Music Boutique

Private Piano Tuition for The Discerning Parent


See you soon !