The Music Boutique is an enchanting little music school

for parents that love their children so much it hurts !

Your childs magical musical memories start right here !

While every effort is invested in our tiny pupils early development

We purposely do not make promises or offer outcomes or milestones.

for this age group.

However what we can and do offer our tiny pupils is constant encouragement with our special Masters of Ceremony

Happiness Happier and Happiest !

Always topped with lashings of love and sprinklings

of emotional intelligence.

Our passion at this enchanting little music school is to just nurture your child to climb their own mountains with a little help from a few of our puppet friends Copy Cow Muddy Pig Hurry Hors and of course Sleepy Sheepy.

The tution we provide for our tiny pupils speaks louder than any words we could ever write or awards we could win so please click on the video below to see the visual testimony.

The Music Boutique Experience is not for everyone !

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Your child will then move onto taking their very first steps playing the piano. These first steps will be just like when a child takes their first tentative steps towards walking.

Its wonderful to be a part of something beautiful that only happens once in their lives but becomes a forever memory for those that were their to bear witness !!

At the Music Boutique we want every moment of your child"s

Music Boutique Experience to be

that special !

Please click on the image  below to enjoy all the fun of a childs first steps and the very essence of the

Music Boutique Experience !

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 Iconic & Unique !

Is your child a..

Bright Spark that needs an Early Start ?

  Below is a short clip of another fantastic tiny pupil we are privileged to tutor at the

Music Boutique !

Please select the green "Contact Us" tab to the right of the page and send a message to schedule an appointment for your child’s complimentary Introductory assessment.


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Dont forget all the wonderful friends and helpers that are waiting to meet your child to help them on their brand new sparkly musical adventure !

The Music Boutique, is a completely unique and private little independent music school where  your child can learn to play a variety of musical instruments.

But most importantly they will be met with a nostalgicly evocative, enchanting and loving environmet.

If you would like to become a part of the unique community and incredible little music school that is the Music Boutique as well as share in the completely indulgent atmosphere that is the...

Music Boutique Experience

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Is your child a Bright Spark that needs an Early Start?

Select the red play button on the short video clip below to see one of our adorable tiny pupils (Bright Sparks) enjoying his exquisite tuition with our phenomenal infant tutor specialist Roslyn !

To schedule an appointment for your child’s complimentary Introductory assessment.

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"My 3 children have been having piano lessons with the Music Boutique (Roslyn) and drumming lessons (Joshua) for about 3 years.

They absolutely love their lessons !

 Roslyn makes it really fun, which especially helps my 3 year old.

She brings out puppets and giant dice and adds variety with bells when his attention wanes! She always knows how to keep the children interested and it's their favourite activity"


Beautiful curated tuition while being surrounded by gorgeous Mid Century Design, Iconic Classics. Art, Photograpy,Toys, Furniture, Empire Heritage & Culture, Books and other Ephimera make up what is The Os(h)o Collection.

We would love to continue with what we have been doing for some nearly 2 and a half decades as an independant school which is providing discrete and exquiste tuiton for the amazing pupils and famalies that have are and hopefully will continue to support our incredible little school in these uncertain times.

To enable this to happen we need your support if you could find the time to read and donate, however much, large or small to our GoFundMe campaign. This would be so very much appreciated.

We are not prepared to give up fighting for this wonderful little school just yet !

The Iconic & Unique

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The Music Boutique

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you are that special !

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