The Music Boutique

    Singing / Vocal tuition



     The love of music begins in the womb. This has been known from ancient times. Encourage the childrens voices through music, let the healing begin. Please click on the ultrascan image above, to enjoy a wonderful and insightful Ted talk by

   Kathleen M Howland    

#Dont Stop The Music


     Love Your Voice !

      Singing Lessons For Children

These classes are designed to allow your children to grow in confidence, self-esteem, and social ability, through the joy of singing.

It provides an opportunity to learn about team work, leadership, the discipline of vocal warm up, developing a musical ear and intuition. How to harmonise, how to read music, sight-singing, developing a melody, rhythm and pitch etc.

Please note : there will be 6 classes per-term ,

eg 6 x £20 per student (60min Class) 

Fees : First payment will be £120 plus a one off registration fee of £35.

Total  £155

                                      Sing, Laugh, Shout !

                               Start your childs musical journey with us for :

           Handcrafted, beautiful and forever muscial experiences  that will last a lifetime ! 

                                                                              Learn, See, Do !  

                                                                                     Done !!   

                                                                       The Osho Collection & Gallery

    Leaving a legacy, crossing boundaries, cultures, race and religion.Using, music to motivate and      inspire emotional intelligence and development as a lifetime process and  journey.