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The Kennington Music Boutique is a truly special place and I’m sure my kids will remember their music lessons there forever.

My sons are being taught drums and piano by Joshua who is incredibly kind, patient and caring (not to mention musically talented).

My boys look forward to their lessons each week and enjoy every moment.

The lessons are completely tailored to the individual child and are full of fun.

The kids are encouraged by Joshua and Osho to be themselves and learn to love music.

The Music Boutique is more than just a music school,

it’s a completely unique and inspiring environment and we feel lucky to have the opportunity to go there.


The younger the musical journey starts, the earlier often times  the brain development begins that allows all that new information and activity to flood into your child's "theta" mind and be completely absorbed without any obstruction.

Start that new musical journey for your child with us now !

All of our private one to one tutoring is bespoke and  handcrafted for each pupil

We also offer a Mix & Match tuition class

Piano and  Drums In the same session. Inquire when booking your complimentary assessment.

The Music boutique Experience is not for everyone !

However for the very fortunate children that do become our pupils they soon realise as do their discerning parents that their tuition is so much much more than standard !!

The Music Boutique Experience

is the Gold standard in infant tuition !

Give your child a musical experience of a lifetime where  making magical musical memories will be a complete delight.

The focus and smiles on some of our little pupils faces in the videos above are priceless !!

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Bright Spark that needs an Early Start ?

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"Joshua has been keeping my older 2 busy with drumming too and it's great to see how much they have improved.

From having little rhythm, to drumming out Billie Jean!

The kids love it and really do have fun there. There are always lots of toys to play with, while the siblings wait for their turn.

I can highly recommend the Music Boutique for any child from tiny toddlers to older kids. "