Drums & Piano

This is Joshua our amazingly  gifted drum & piano tutor who just happens to also be a professional composer pianist and keyboard player.

Your children are not only learning from a drum & piano tutor they are learning from an absolute craftsman !

Rare to find in todays cut and paste society. 

From Tiny Tinkles  to Tweeny Teenies !

The concentration and smiles on some of our pupils faces in the videos below are priceless !!

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The younger the musical journey starts, the earlier often times  the brain development begins that allows all that new information and activity to flood into your childs "theta" mind and be completley absorbed without any obstruction.

Start that new musical  journey for your child  with us now

All of our private one to one tutoring is bespoke and  handcrafted for each pupil

The Music boutique Experience is not for everyone !

However for the very fortunate children that do become our pupils they soon realise as do their discerning parents that their tuition is so much much more than standard !!

The Music Boutique Experience

is the Gold standard in infant tuiton

Give your child a musical experience of a lifetime where  making magical musical memories will be a complete delight.

Is your child is a

Bright Spark that needs an Early Start ?

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