The Music Boutique


The Music Boutique is very fortunate to have 2 incredible drummers who are both,  performing artistes / session musicians  as well as teachers here at the Music Boutique.

Please click on the image above to see just how young you can be to play kit drums proficiently. The child is 4 years old !!!

The younger the musical journey starts, the earlier often times  the brain development begins that allows all that new information and activity to flood in

and be completley absorbed without any obstruction.

Start that new musical  journey for your child  with us now

All of our private one to one tutoring is handcrafted for each student

This is Aidan. We love Aidan and Aidan loves the drums. Aidans tutor Joshua loves teaching  Aidan which includes Aidans very own old school playlist.


Handcrafted musical tuition, for people with happy hearts and of course happy hair!!

Please click on the black and white image below and enjoy the video of one of our newest and at 5 years old youngest drum students.

For bespoke  one to one classes subject to demand and availability there is a one off £35  registration fee.

Your investment in your childs new musical journey at the Music Boutique will be

a wonderful unique and rare opportunity to learn about so much more than music.


Preparing your child for any musical academic or creative canvas

they may want to engage with as they grow.


Fees: One to One  £180 6 week per term (tuition is for  30 minute sessions).

Private bespoke and handcrafted tuition for the discerning parent