Piano Tuition Fees


     Tuition for : Classical, Contemporary, Jazz, Blues, Pop, R&B & Gospel. Monday-Friday 3.30pm.-7.00PM

Your Investment in your childs new musical journey at the Music Boutique

will be a wonderfull unique and rare opportunity we hope, to learn about

so much more  than music

Preparing your child for any musical creative or academic canvas that they

may want to engage with as they grow.

Tuition Fees per 6 week term : £270  ( 30 minutes per lesson )


Saturday 9-6.00PM & Sundays 11.00AM-4.00PM


Payments by cheque, bank transfer or cash are available. Please be aware

that payment via cheque or bank transfer for tuition will only commence once

funds have cleared. Credit card payments accepted (conditions apply).


Terms & Conditions

1.Please be aware that no tuition will be undertaken until payment has been received. If  

payment  is by cheque or cash then this will be taken at the begining of the tuiton period.

2a.Tuition will be paused/suspended if a pupil is over 1 lesson in arrears,until the

account is brought up to date.

b. All our tuition fees are subject to a yearly review.

This does not mean necessarily a yearly increase.

3,A one off registration fee of £55 is payable per student. 

A registration pack will be provided for your records.

4.All tutors require a strict 48hrs notice by text or email (only) for any class cancellation

otherwise you will lose the lesson. In the event of non-payment, we reserve the right to

suspend piano lessons until the account is brought up to date.

5.The Music Boutique does not currently offer any sibling discount

6.Please note that the tutor as well as the pupil has the right to terminate tuition.

7.Any breakage or willful damage to the equpiment/artefacts or furniture will be

expected to be paid for.

8.For new pupils, we operate a term payment facility only.This can be

subject to change at anytime. Parents / pupils  will be advised accordingly. 

9.No foul language, shouting or disrespectful behaviour toward staff members will be tolerated in any shape or form !

  10. Pupils are to arrive 5 minutes before their tuition is due. If you are late you will

only receive what will be remaining of your 30 minute tuiton.

     So,15 mins late,15 mins left for the lesson.

11.If pupils are late for their class it will be at the teachers discretion if they

are admitted

  12.If there is an issue with the lesson or tutor please approach the manager only after

you have spoken with the tutor.


13.Personal hygiene is very important. Please wash your hands after using the



14.The bathroom facilities are provided for all Music Boutique clients,however we expect the facilities to be used respectfully and appropriately. Please assist young children and clean any “accidents” that they may have.Thank you in advance.

**** Once your tuiton slot has been allocated there is no rescheduling if you miss your tuition your lesson will be lost so please bear this in mind at all times.


We aim for all students to attain ABRSM or Trinity Grade1 within 18 months-2 years (subject to the necessary practice and focus). This will include sight reading and aural comprehension.

or to be able to play pieces of their choice to this level / standard.

It is not a must to take exams or sight read for any student to enjoy the intoxicating  journey of music and the beautiful  learning experience that a musical education

has to offer.

Again enjoyment is key, like good food when you enjoy the taste you look forward always to your sustenance !

We also offer Jazz ABRSM and Trinity grades from 1-8, for the more

creative student whom enjoys the freedom of  improvisation & interpretation.

Our Piano Tutors


Joshua is our resident jazz specialist and all things contemporary and quirky. If you want to learn it, Joshua will find a way to teach it !! If you are interested in the process of production, using all the latest software this is another facility that is provided

under the encouraging and nurturing eye of Joshua.

He also teaches kit  drums.



During the week, from Monday to Friday  we provide  1-1 after school classes with Osho. Specifically for complete beginners and children that need some  structure, motivation, confidence and self esteem....oh yes,

as well as large portions of laughter !! Oh.. Dont forget to ask about the Magic Bag.

Your child will love these  classes, because for 30 minutes, the whole world of music and life revolves completely around them. Immersing them in a frame of

mind & thinking where anything and everything is possible !

These classes are very popular.


If Contemporary, Pop,R&B Gospel or Soul as well as Classical are your childs interest then our incredibly gifted piano & saxophone tutor Roslyn is available currently Mondays- Fridays and Saturdays. Roslyns classes are sought after so be quick !!!

Roslyn is another one of our amazing tutors. Dont forget to ask to meet Copy Cow, Muddy Pig and Hurry Horse. 

for more information please email  Admissions : the1musicboutique@gmail.com



                                               Tiny Tinkles

"A wonderful world of melody,

for fingers and thumbs 

all are invited mums,

dads, daughters and sons" !

We also currently offer tiny tinkles piano for pre-schoolers these are 10, 15 or 20 minute sessions. Your child must be able to count up to 10 confidently and know their alphabet  from A to G.

This preschool tuition is fun and focused around simple but effective repetition using some firm favourite, helpful friends. Copy Cow, Hurry Horse and Muddy Pig.

To find out more email to arrange a day (a.m.) to pop in so your child can be assessed.

These lessons are for competent children from 2.5 years old :

Fees : 10 minute tuition  £120  for the term  6 weeks.


Fees : 15 minute tuition  £180  for the term 6 weeks.


Fees : 20 minute tuition  £240  for the term 6weeks.


  We offer a no cost trial lesson once the term has been paid for,


 £65 pay as you go, which will deducted from your initial  term fee if you child becomes a Music Boutique student.

                                   Tiny Tinkles for Tiny Tots (4T Club)

      Starting from  2020

   Jingle Jangle Shake and Bang

   All the children clap their hands

  Now its time to have some fun

   Tell me can you bang the drum !

Please Note

The Tiny Tinkles printed leaflet fee was initially to be an introductory fee.

Due to the unforseen circumstances of the Corona virus we were unable to

embark on the Tiny Tinkles tuition for the majority of the year and subsequently

inform our parents of this.

Since the Corona virus has now become a part of our new altered reality, we are

all having to adapt the best way that we can to enjoy some kind of normality.

So with this in mind, our classes will no longer be any larger than 6 parents 

subsequently our fees will have to reflect this capacity change.

6 x1 hour session  TBC

      Your investment in your childs new musical journey at the Music Boutique will be a wonderful unique and rare opportunity to learn about so much more than music while preparing your child for any musical academic or creative canvas they may want

to engage with as they grow.


   Tiny Tinkles is not a drop in !


Tiny Tinkles forms the basis of a coordinated and structured approach, encouraging

your child organically into an early appreciation of music and all the educational benefits that this association brings.

Neurological development, rhythm, cognitive ability, discriminatory processes,

early hand and eye coordination, these are just some of the very many benefits musical education has on an early developing mind.

Proven through a plethora of scientific and anecdotal studies and data

over the years and through out many different peoples and cultures around the world.

Tiny Tinkles

Tiny Tots

Mu Bou Student

Immerse yourself in the magic of music. Let that mellifluous and sparkly journey begin.

Simple, Safe, Secure.

 Gourmet Educational Experiences.


The Osho Collection & Gallery.

Private handcrafted early music tuition for the discerning parent

                                 Incredible Phenomenal Amazing...IPA

Twinkle Tinkles

 Exclusive to the Music boutique.

Piano tuition for children from

14 months to 24 months

coming soon...

Bright sparks. Early starts !

See, Learn, Do. TM

** Times and days are subject to change. However where possible both parents and students will be suitably informed

                                              The Os(h)o Collection & Gallery : A Social Enterprise by design