Our ethical values at this enchanting little music school 

are quite simply as this little clip shows with some more of our wonderful little pupils, hard work and focus, (however it is achieved ) will be rewarded. 

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Bright Spark that needs an Early Start ?

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The Music Boutique star chart system really does offer

some spectacular gifts for all our pupils to be motivated by. 

Below is a pictue of a star chart (front and back) of one of our pupils who was so mesmerised with his first experience, that his parents said that he had prepared himself ready for his music lesson at some very very early hour in the morning the very next day !

You will note that these particular star charts above and below has some 300 stars yes thats correct 300 !! This is such committment a

the time this pupil was just 3 years old !

 When the pupil was informed on how many stars the gift he wanted would be, he dilligently earnt those stars with a bit of brotherly love and help.

The current  vintage favourite toy is the Chicken Coup challenge.

 If you want your child to laugh out loud 

and harass you as to when  they will be attending their next lesson, 

as well as enjoy the absolute bespoke handcrafted tuition they 

will receive with the lashings of love that always comes with 

our Gold standard and specific style of tuition. 

Then you have found that place.

We Are Discreet & Unique

We Are The Music Boutique !

Beep Beep Beep !

Our whole purpose is to bring as much joy and create as many magical musical memories to last a lifetime for Grandparents parents and our teeny tiny pupils.  

This TinyTinkle pupil acknowledged and recognised this at just 15 months old by rewarding her amazing tutor for her wonderful lesson. 

This incredible reaction to her first lesson is what makes 

The Music Boutique Experience something endearingly special !

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The Music Boutique Experience is not for everyone !

If you think your child is a..

Bright Spark that needs an Early Start !

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The Music Boutique is a hidden gem in our neighbourhood. 

My daughter has been learning the piano at the Music Boutique since 2019. We found this studio through word of mouth amongst parents at our school.

They came highly recommended and it’s easy to see why.

My daughter has adored both teachers she has had - Roslyn and now Joshua  - and it has been amazing to see her progress.

She races to the piano when she arrives, she receives gentle instructions and encouragement from Joshua but most of all she loves the treats she gets at the end! 

It gives me great joy to come with her to her lessons.

I’m made to feel welcome every time and find it especially comforting in the winter when it’s freezing outside. 

Osho has gone to great lengths to ensure the rooms are comfortable and welcoming, and each room is uniquely special. 

You’re surrounded by antiques and musical greats adorn the walls.

I also have to mention the giant radiator which warms the body, as much as the music and the decor warm the soul.

Osho’s attention to detail and care for not only his students but their parents too is second to none.

We had to relocate for a year and when we came back he made space for us to rejoin and still had our original slippers waiting for our return!

(He kindly provides these as we remove our shoes when we come into the lesson which I love).

He even noticed when I wasn’t myself and reached out.

He cares about his community, which is evident by the time he spends talking to people who come his way.

I’ll always be grateful for one of the early conversations we had where he spoke about keeping a journal.

It inspired me to take a journal of my father’s life, he was unwell at the time, and I was able to complete it before he passed away.

In recent conversations with Osho he even helped me cone up with a better approach for determining a secondary school for my daughter.

It really does feel quite amazing to be part of Osho’s community and especially this boutique.

It’s a special place my daughter and I will always remember.