We at the Music Boutique absolutely love what we do and do what we love ! Your child(ren) will feel completley nurtured, encouraged, inspired and listened to.

So when you are  looking for a new musical journey for your child please keep us in mind and pay us a visit.     

We have amazing tutors,- all of whom are performing artistes in their own right. (Principal Piano Tutor)  Roslyn Williams & Joshua Enireyitan who make the Music boutique what it has become, special.

   Music Is Medicine (Project)

   Our aims and objectives

  • We know that music, can, has and does change and save lives, for the young, old, troubled, injured and or indifferent.

  • We would love to be able to offer children and families and the local community more music classes and more creative pursuits within the loving and inspiring environment of the Music Boutique. 

  • We want to be able to provide field trips, for low income students and supply out reach to families that home school their children.

  • We want to offer healing through, musical therapy classes for pre-school children, primary, secondary as well as excluded school children. We work to encourage communication, emotional, developmental, cultural and social understanding.

  • We aim to create employment opportunities,for the students that may be interested in teaching music as a career or just bringing an income in for their first job leading potentially to self employment.

  • We can introduce our pupils to the many other facets of working within the world of music and the associated artisan trades, that they may well never have thought about.

  • We will encourage our pups, as they progress in age and experience, to look at  being able to raise funds through their own ideas. Pop-up shops, stall and exhibitions etc. All where possible, hosted at the Osho Gallery where the Music Boutique is situated. They can start the process of building their professional CV with us.

We need you

  • You will help provide a child and/or young person with their very first introduction to music, that may lead to a life times involvement. 

  • Be that as a performing artiste, composer,  producer, studio engineer, singer, songwriter, music therapist or music teacher or creative entrepeneur.

  • You can help us make a difference. Providing the world with beautiful, unique,  pragmatic, independant entrepreneurial thinking tutors would be a wonderful contribution. Music is a global language & qualification.

  • You can help us to cover purchasing other instruments, but also contribute to essential operating expenses.

There are many ways to give and offer support: Patronage, Sponsorships,Volunteering, Instrument Repair & Maintenance - we believe in Repair Recycle & Re-Use at the Music Boutique.

Sponsor an instrument .. or a child or a tutor  ... concert / recital in your workplace ....

Whatever you can give, large or small, will be  put  to direct use within

The Music Boutique & The Music Is Medicine project.

Make a donation and Inspire, change. Save a life, make a happy future today.


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