Our Pupils All Shapes Colours & Sizes 

At the Music Boutique we have been privileged to witness children as young as 2.5 years old learn to play the piano.

We believe that no one is too young or too old to learn ....  and have been teaching from this philosophy through our brand of music tuition for over 15 years

Much research has been undertaken to compare a child's musical progress and understanding with many other areas of learning, from language skills, motor skills, numeracy and literacy - not to mention motivation which will benefit them through their education and onwards

Listen to what some of our pupils (past & present) say below ....




 For further video's of (past & present pupils ) please click on any of the names listed  

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Akousia Ama Ameerah  Aniya Arlind Beulah  Betannia Cecelia Danait

David-Jesse Daya Diallo Fred Harriet Joshua Kaya Lara Leia Liam  Lucas Mathilde Mineetchi Parker Romie Ruth Samuel Selin Steph Thaisa